“Tree trimming”

Who are you hiring to trim your trees?

How often do you get home to find a multitude of business cards on your porch for “tree trimmers” in your area? It might seem like a good idea to call one since you know it’s important to keep trees trimmed for overall health. However, we highly recommend you go ahead and compost those cards!

How to spot tree care!

Every homeowner eventually needs to hire an professional tree service. Perhaps your tree doesn't look healthy, is in urgent need of pruning, or may be damaging a roof or adjacent structure. In some situations, a tree may have become a hazard, or has already fallen and you need emergency tree services. Trees need regular care and so it's a good idea to have a relationship with a professional tree service company.

Want to save your roof? Take care of your trees!

As we drive around the city, we see so many trees that either have never been pruned, or have been pruned by someone who didn’t know what they were doing. Considering the weather we experienced here in San Jose, caring for your trees and having them pruned by an expert should be pretty close to the top of your home maintenance list.

Did you know your trees can get a sunburn? Even in winter!

When an inexperienced tree care company prunes too much of your tree’s canopy, they could cause permanent and irreparable damage. It can also create a serious safety hazard by weakening your tree.

"Land Clearing"

Clear the ground and remove dead grass and dry leaves on the ground, it is recommended to prevent fire, it is very important to maintain a safe distance between your home and any risk of fire from twigs and dry grass, our service offers remove all hazardous materials they can cause a fire in your property.